Gas soars to 7-year high in New Jersey and tomorrow Phil Murphy is bringing the guy most people blame for it here

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TRENTON, NJ – Gas prices in New Jersey have hit a record 7-year high just weeks after New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy promised tax relief. That relief was supposed to come on October 1st, when the New Jersey gas tax was supposed to be lowered by 8.3 cents.

This weekend, gas rose to a 7-year record of $3.40 per gallon, that’s after an 8.3 cent reduction in the state gas tax that kicked in on October 1st, but most New Jersey residents never got to experience that saving. This weekend the price at the pump in New Jersey, where much of the tri-state fuel is refined is as high as $3.50 per gallon.

Last month, OPEC blamed the dramatic spike in fuel costs on the global trend to clean and renewable energy.

Most Americans however, are blaming President Joe Biden. Biden, since taking office has taken a tough stance on the oil industry. He shut down the Keystone pipeline, banned offshore drilling, and has touted the eventual downfall of the oil industry in the name of clean energy, including electric cars, windmills, and solar power.

On Monday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, a strong supporter of the Biden energy agenda and the Green New Deal is bringing Biden to New Jersey. It’s being passed off as an official visit, but just one week before the upcoming election, everyone knows it’s a mission to boost Murphy’s base in a mostly blue state.

Murphy and Biden will meet at the New Jersey Transit Meadowlands Maintainenance Center to tout funding for transportation and rail projects in New Jersey.

Not everyone is happy about that. This weekend, somebody at the Kearny-based MMC facility spraypainted “Let’s Go Brandon” on the elevator doors in the building.

Biden has been blamed for America’s soaring rate of inflation, soaring food and fuel costs, and the lack of products on store shelves. This week, in a town hall meeting with CNN, Biden said, “I don’t have a near-term answer.”

While Murphy’s high profile support from former President Barack Obama and Joe Biden could strengthen his base, having Joe Biden return to New Jersey just a week before the election could also benefit his opponent Jack Ciattarelli by reminding voters that the Murphy agenda runs parallel with Biden’s national agenda, which to date has been a dismal failure on all fronts.