Owner Abandons sweet Dog After Moving and He waits and waits for them to come back

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Oscar is a beautiful dog that was abandoned when his owners decided to move and just left the dog. Poor Oscar wandered around for months and just sat at the front door of his house patiently waiting for his owners to come back, but they never did.

The neighbors decided to take turns and feed Oscar. He made friends with a neighborhood cat as well. Even though he was cared for he was very depressed missing his family.

Rescuers heard of his story and went to his location and rescued him. Even after being let down by his humans, he remained sweet and friendly.

He was brought to the Animal Hospital where he was bathed and treated for parasites. He was treated at the beauty salon for animals, and brought to the beach for an adoption photoshoot.

Oscar caught the attention of a wonderful family who immediately wanted to adopt him. Oscar now has the best life with a Yorkie and a devoted family.

Watch this sweet story from Love Furry Friends below.