Murphy campaign deflects Project Veritas video as ‘dangerous conspiracy theory’

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TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy today slammed his opponent, Republican Jack Ciattarelli after a hidden video by Project Veritas was released showing one of his campaign consultants describing how the governor will implement a covid-19 vaccine mandate after he is elected.

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“Following right-wing propagandist James O’Keefe’s blatant harassment and physical intimidation of two female Murphy for Governor, NJDSC campaign staffers yesterday, Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli is showing his desperation by shamelessly throwing his support behind the disinformation schemes and stunts of the “political spying” organization, Project Veritas,” Murphy spokeswoman Rachel Bocchino said today.

Shortly after the video was released, Murphy consultant Wendy Martinez deleted and hid all of her social media accounts.

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Bocchino referenced a New York Times article claiming, “Mr. O’Keefe and Project Veritas have a long history of releasing manipulated or selectively edited footage purporting to show illegal conduct by Democrats and liberal groups.”

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Neither Bocchino nor Murphy addressed the content of the video released by O’Keefe Monday night, who says he plans on releasing more hidden video footage this week.

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“Just one week from Election Day, this is a desperate attempt from a desperate candidate who has repeatedly aligned himself with the far-right in order to win support from Trump’s base, even headlining a “Stop the Steal Rally” and spreading dangerous conspiracy theories about lifesaving public health measures,” Bocchino said. “should come as no surprise to New Jerseyans that Assemblyman Ciattarelli is once again embracing disinformation — his entire campaign has been a fact-free grift to lie to voters about his extreme positions. Rather than talking to voters about the issues that matter, time and again Ciattarelli has chosen the fringe over New Jersey values. “

The Murphy campaign called the Project Veritas video ‘false and conspiratorial.

Today, New Jersey Democrat Senator Jamel Holley said it’s time to strip Murphy of his pandemic powers.

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“It has come to my attention that Governor Murphy will impose COVID-19 vaccine mandates statewide if he is re-elected. Public health is not a political issue. Medical decisions are a choice and should be treated as such for every individual. Not election timing,” Holley said today. “With this revelation, I am calling on the NJ Legislature to enforce its powers & remove all public health emergencies from the Governor they granted earlier this year and give the opportunity for individuals to make a choice for themselves. Now we know it’s political.”

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The video could help Ciattarelli, who trails Murphy both in polls and in early voting estimates get an edge he might not have had over the governor previously.

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“Time and again, Assemblyman Ciattarelli has made demonstrably false and conspiratorial claims, and now he’s hit rock bottom by not condemning in the strongest possible terms the dangerous tactics of a far-right extremist,” said Murphy for Governor Spokesman Jerrel Harvey. “Embracing Trump-style disinformation and intimidation tactics is completely disqualifying for any candidate running for Governor. New Jersey voters understand this and will reject Ciattarelli’s extremism.”

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One New Jersey Senator said the Project Veritas video highlights what he called Murphy’s ‘political science’ which guided him through the pandemic and not medical science.

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The Murphy campaign now alleges O’Keefe associates confronted Democrat staffers inside a parking garage and harassed them.

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Today, Democrats sent a letter to O’Keefe threatening a lawsuit against his brand of guerilla journalism. Ciattarelli has been silent on the Project Veritas bombshell report, but his press secretary said in a statement, “If this tape is verified, Governor Murphy has a lot of explaining to do…if true, this is the ultimate hypocrisy and an appalling lack of transparency.”