Jackson trailer park Halloween or KKK ghost? You decide

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There’s another internet mystery to solve. Forget whether or not the dress is blue or gold. Don’t worry if they’re saying Laurel or Yanny. Is it a ghost or is it a symbol of the KKK? Or is it a KKK ghost?

That’s what people in Jackson Township this week tried to determine at a home on Route 571 in a trailer park. Accompanying the ghost was a Confederate flag and a bald eagle.

The display was first reported by NBC 4 New York, but is now going viral as people decide whether the homeowner is simply celebrating Halloween or has a larger message to send.

Making matters worse, Jackson Township is already a hot bed of religious tension as the township government is being sued by the Department of Justice over alleged religious bias against the growing community of Orthodox Jews moving into the community. Township Mayor Michael Reina and other members of the township governing body are at the center of the DOJ lawsuit as well as an additional ongoing investigation by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office.