Toms River Republicans slam “Sleazy Lawyers” Turnbach, Horn in election mailer

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – In Toms River, politics has become a blood sport. Last week, Democrat lawyer Terrance Turnbach said he was upset over his opponent, David Ciccozzi’s letter connected Turnbach to Phil Murphy, Joe Biden and the Democrat party.

On Tuesday, residents in Toms River received another mailer, this time criticizing both Turnbach and his running mate Jeff Horn. In that mailer, Republicans claimed the two Democrats were “sleazy lawyers”.

Turnbach, a criminal defense attorney was accused of representing sex offenders, rapists, human sex traffickers, child pornographers, drug dealers, sex offenders and child abusers.

“Sleazy lawyers running for council,” the mailer said.

The mailer also accused Horn of misleading judges at trials.

“I’m a lawyer. I create straw man arguments every single day,” the flyer alleges Horn said. “Don’t tell the judges we do this. We create the boogie man. We attack the boogie man, and we get them off when the facts are not on our side.”

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Horn dismissed the mailer saying it was nothing but a cheap smear.

“I have visited the doors of over 2000 voters. The people I have met are genuine and dedicated citizens. They have high expectations of their elected officials,” Horn said. “The voters are also savvy enough to distinguish issue advocacy from cheap smears. I usually share with the people I meet that I am a Main Street lawyer and businessman. I am proud to have represented thousands of individuals and small businesses – primarily in Ocean County.”

Shore News Network reached out to both Turnbach for comment and did not receive an immediate response. This article will be updated in the event that the candidates respond to our questions.