Phil Murphy denies Project Veritas claim of blanket vaccination after election

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LAKEWOOD, NJ – Two days after a paid consultant and senior advisor of Governor Phil Murphy’s staff was caught on a hidden video saying the governor will implement a broader vaccine mandate after he wins his bid re-election on Tuesday, he finally speaks out about it.

The video was released by New Jersey resident James O’Keefe of Project Veritas on Monday and shows Murphy campaign consultant Wendy Martinez telling an undercover operative that Murphy intends to roll out sweeping vaccine mandates after he is re-elected.

Murphy’s campaign team did not respond when asked about the video by Shore News Network, but on Wednesday, the Lakewood Scoop, an online news website that covers Lakewood Township said it received a response personally from the Governor.

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“This video does not depict any member of the administration or anyone involved in public health policy,” the Governor’s office told The Lakewood Scoop. “The Governor’s office cannot speak to the video or anyone involved. The Administration has never had plans, nor is it making plans, for a blanket COVID-19 vaccine mandate.”

That message was delivered days before the influential Orthodox Jewish VAAD, a religious community council was set to announce an endorsement for Murphy later this week.

New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission records show Murphy and his campaign paid Martinez $60,000 for her services during the general campaign.

After the video was released, New Jersey Democrats threatened O’Keefe with a lawsuit and ordered Project Veritas to maintain all communications between themselves and the campaign for Jack Ciattarelli.

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Late Monday night, Murphy accused Project Veritas of harassing Democrat operatives in a parking garage, including Martinez. That video was later released by O’Keefe.

Jack Ciattarelli has not personally responded to the video, but Can Project Veritas “bombshell” announcement save Jack Ciattarelli’s flailing campaign?

O’Keefe promised more hidden video was available and will be released in the coming days.