Student gave”Free masks for minorities only” but charged $10 to white students

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A black student at Michigan State University is raising some eyebrows on Twitter after setting up a table offering free COVID-19 masks to minorities only. White people would have to pay her $10 per item.

The college eventually shut her down according to the school newspaper, but the student, whose name given was only MeAnna said it was a racial experiment to point out a double standard at the university where she claims racist actions by white students are ignored by the faculty.

“It’s honestly hilarious due to the fact that MSU has had multiple racist incidents that never get addressed,” MeAnna said after being told to close up shop. “But a black woman, trying to give privilege to those who lack, and all of a sudden it[‘]s a problem?”

Now, she’s telling the university’s newspaper it was all part of a class project.

My class is Experimental Design. My whole project stems from the topic ‘civil rights’. To get deeper into such a broad topic, my group member and I narrowed it down to the question ‘How has the pandemic affected minorities and disabled persons and how can we remedy these effects?'”

MeaAnna has since made her Twitter account private since the incident spread on the social media platform.