Ciattarelli to teachers: I won’t steal your pension

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TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Republican Candidate for Governor Jack Ciattarelli today delivered a message to teachers across New Jersey.

“I’m not going to steal your pension,” he said in a video released by his campaign.

Phil Murphy’s campaign claims that Ciattarelli’s proposed state budget agenda would ‘skip one year’s pension payment’ for public workers.

“[Jack] said one of his budget priorities would be to skip “one year’s pension payment—the most extreme iteration of the “kick the can” budget gimmick that created New Jersey’s pension crisis,” said Murphy campaign spokesperson Jerrel Harvey.

Ciattarelli made the comment in an interview with former Chris Christie Bridgegate axeman David Wildstein.

Today, Ciattarelli said the claim is a lie being told by the Murphy campaign and the NJEA teachers union.

“Nothing can be further from the truth,” Ciattarelli said. “I’ve always supported rank and file teachers, they’re hard working. Anyone who has earned a pension will get that pension. I’m not changing their pension.”