An unruly student with past history assaulted sheriff’s office deputy at Wicomico Middle School

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Wicomico, MD – On 28 October 2021 at 1:19 PM, a School Resource Officer responded to a juvenile problem occurring in a portable classroom at Wicomico Middle School. The Deputy and School Staff attempted numerous de-escalation techniques with the student. The student failed to comply with the lawful orders given to him.

The student was repeatedly defying lawful orders and repeatedly threatening to harm School Staff. The student assaulted school staff and damaged school property. While the Deputy was attempting to detain the student, the student actively resisted and struck the Deputy in the face with a closed fist. Additional law enforcement was requested and responded to the school to bring the student under control.

The Deputy was forced to seek medical treatment due to the significant injury she sustained from the assault. The student was detained by the Department of Juvenile Services. The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office has previously handled 23 total incidents involving this juvenile. These cases include 4 Assaults listing this particular juvenile as the Offender. Deputies have removed this student from school property 15 times since 2015.

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