Biden plan to give illegal immigrants $450k ridiculous, even by Democrat standards, NJ lawmaker says

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Senator Michael Doherty blasted a reported plan by the Biden administration to pay illegal immigrants $450,000 if they were detained and separated from family members after entering the United States illegally.

“These massive payments would create a new incentive for millions of families to try to cross the border illegally,” said Doherty (R-23). “Either they’ll get in or they’ll get rich trying at our expense. It’s an utterly ridiculous plan, even by Democrat standards.”

According to published reports, illegal immigrants could receive payments around $1 million per family from the federal government under President Biden’s plan.

The total cost of the payments could exceed $1 billion.

News of the proposal comes as Democrats in Congress and the President are negotiating multi-trillion-dollar spending bills that would be supported by trillions of dollars of tax increases on Americans and their employers.

“President Biden shouldn’t raise taxes on Americans while making illegal immigrants rich for suffering the grave injustice of being caught while breaking the law,” added Doherty. “No American family should have to pay one penny toward this nonsense.”