Republicans sweep state election in Ocean County

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Photo: Greg McGuckin. Campaign for Jack Ciattarelli, paid for by New Jersey taxpayers.

Toms River, NJ – Republicans swept the state-level elections in Ocean County on Tuesday night, retaining all of their seats in the New Jersey Senate and Assembly.

In the 9th legislative district, Brian Rumpf and Diane Gove defeated Democrats Alexis Jackson and Kristen Holland by a more than two-to-one margin.

Pay-to-play lawyer Greg McGuckin and his sidekick, John Catalano defeated Democrats Garitt Kono and Mary Quilter by a two-to-one margin in the 10th legislative district.

In the 12th legislative district, Ron Dancer and Robert Clifton defeated their Democrat opponents Raya Arbiol and Michael Palzazzolla by a three-to-one margin.

In the 30th legislative district, Sean Kean and Ed Thomson defeated Democrats Matt Filosia and Stephen Dobbins by a four-to-one margin.

State Senators James Holzapfel, Sam Thompson, Robert Singer and Christopher Connors all won their elections by margins of two-to-one or greater.

As for Jack Ciattarelli, in Ocean County, the Republican candidate for Governor defeated Phil Murphy 48,034 to 19,160 which has helped Ciattarelli keep the statewide race razor thin against the incumbent.