Toms River’s split Republican parties sweep Democrats, sending Democrat Turnbach packing

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – Outspoken Toms River Democrat Terrance Turnbach, a criminal defense attorney was sent packing by Toms River voters Tuesday night. Turnbach, who prided himself on his recent social accomplishments in Toms River lost his election 57% to 42% by political newcomer David Ciccozzi, a Republican. Turnbach had sought to turn Toms River into a socially superior town and worked to build a regional homeless shelter that would serve all of the Jersey Shore’s homeless needs.

Voters rejected that plan on Election Day.

Ciccozzi was part of Team “Mo Hill and Greg McGuckin” after the two formed their own Republican party after three unsuccessful attempts to take control of the Toms River Regular Republican Club.

Representing the Toms River Regular Republican Club was Lavallette Police Officer Justin Lamb and school teacher Dan Rodrick. Rodrick and Lamb defeated the Mo Hill Republican party in the June primary and handily defeated their Democrat opponents Jeff Horn and Michelle Williams.

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Rodrick defeated Horn by a margin of 40%, getting nearly 70% of the total votes while Lamb defeated Williams with 72% of the votes.

The two Toms River Republican parties which have been at war with each other for over two years now split the Republican line 50-50, retaining the Mo Hill party’s control with a 5-2 margin heading into 2021.