Church’s Texas Chicken Continuing Long-standing Commitment In Canada, Plans To Open 40 More Restaurants in 2022

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Atlanta, GA –  Church’s Texas Chicken, one of the largest quick-service restaurant chicken chains in the world, continues to grow its presence in one of its strongest markets, Canada. The global chicken brand is on track to open 20 new restaurants in Canada in 2021 and plans to open 40 additional restaurants in 2022. Canada ranks as one of the Top 3 markets for Church’s Texas Chicken and is the longest served market for the company outside of the United States.

“We entered Canada in 1978, and our commitment to the market has proven to be fruitful,” said Brian Gies, Global Chief Marketing Officer for Church’s Texas Chicken™. “Over the years, our neighbors to the north have demonstrated their love for our bold legendary Texas flavors, and we are proud to be able to share our savory dishes with even more Canadian residents and visitors thanks to the dedication and efforts of our franchisees.”

In addition to opening new restaurants in Canada, Church’s Texas Chicken has made efforts to reimage some existing restaurants to have them feature the brand’s latest upgrades, technologies, and design enhancements that reflect the bold Texas Way.

Church’s Texas Chicken currently has locations in British Columbia (Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley), Alberta (Edmonton), and Ontario (greater Toronto area).

“We are especially proud of our team of franchisees in Canada that are growing our brand aggressively, even during these challenging times. We have added new franchisees to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. We will focus on Manitoba and the Maritimes next,” said Russ Sumrall, SVP, International Strategic Development.

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“To support our franchisees, we have a solid development team with seasoned professionals who collaborate with our franchisees to facilitate our collective success in Canada, the Americas, and around the globe. We understand that brand loyalty doesn’t come by easily, so to be in an international market for more than 40 years truly speaks volumes about our fans and our teams,” added Gies.

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