Illegal immigrant arrested for murder had crossed border posing as an unaccompanied minor

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Back in October, Yery Noel-Ullova, 23, was arrested for the murder of a man inside a Lone Star Road home. Now, police have learned Noel-Ullova recently entered the United States and falsely claimed he was an unaccompanied minor.

He eventually made his way to Florida where he committed murder.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, on Wednesday, October 6, 2021, patrol officers responded to the 1200 block of Homard Place in reference to reports of a male covered in blood walking in the area. Upon arrival, officers began a search for the subject in an effort to ascertain his safety and identify the circumstances surrounding the sighting. Following the search, a male subject matching the description given by witnesses was located in a nearby wooded area. After further investigation, officers were able to retrace the route the male had taken, which led them to an unsecured residence in the 10000 block of Lone Star Road. During a search of the residence, a deceased adult male was located inside.

Through their investigative efforts, it was determined that the male that was seen covered in blood and later located in the wooded area, was the suspect in the murder. Following being interviewed about the incident, Yery Noel Medina-Ulloa was arrested for murder as a result of his involvement in the death of the victim

“When he entered, he told me, ‘Mommy, I didn’t go in with my name,’” his mother, Wendy Florencia Ulloa, said in an interview with Univision network. “I went in with the name of another person because right there at the shelter they helped me.”

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Ulloa was taken in by Francisco Javier Cuellar, 46, who believed he was a 17-year-old immigrant who needed a home in the U.S. He was initially placed in a juvenile detention center until October 13th when police realized who he was and that he was not a juvenile.

The New York Post interviewed Cuellar’s daughter who said, “My dad seemed like he was doing a favor for somebody because where [Ulloa] came from they are super poor.”

Now, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants answers from the Biden administration about how the man was able to lie his way into the United States to murder a good samaritan who took him in.

“He should have never been in this country, to begin with. And definitely should not have been dumped in the state of Florida,” DeSantis said. “What the Biden administration is doing, they’re flying in people who came illegally, dumping a lot in Jacksonville in the middle of the night. And there was an individual who had posed as a 17-year-old, actually was in the mid-twenties, brought here, had been here, ended up committing a murder.”

DeSantis suspects the suspect arrived in Florida in one of the Biden administration’s secret midnight flights that have been reported around the country. The Biden administration has been flying undocumented minors across America without notifying local and state officials.

Phil Stilton and Bob Walker contributed to this report.