Police capture vandal who targeted vehicles of veterans in Tulsa

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TULSA, OK – The Tulsa Police Department has made an arrest in connection with the vandalism of multiple vehicles belonging to veterans.

The department issued the following release:

A couple of days ago we were looking for this suspect who had vandalized several vehicles. Through the help of people here, we were able to identify and arrest Ammar El-Nasseri.

When our Riverside Division Street Crimes unit first started working this case, it appeared to be random acts of vandalism. The suspect would slash tires, key cars, put sugar in gas tanks, spray paint cars, damage license plates, and remove stickers from cars.

When we took a step back and looked at all, we found that there was something in common with all of the victims….

Every car, about 7 right now, all had U.S. Military support markings on them. Each car either had a license plate or a decal that indicated that someone was a veteran, active military, or a military supporter.

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Unfortunately, after we arrested El-Nasseri, he didn’t give us any official statement about why he vandalized cars and chose these victim’s cars.

We do believe that there are other victims out there.

Most of the crimes took place around 91st and Sheridan and potentially in Bixby as well. We are working with the Bixby Police Department on related cases.

If you believe that you are a victim in this series of vandalisms, please contact our Street Crimes unit at ghobbs@cityoftulsa.org

If anyone has any video surveillance of the suspect, please contact us so we can gather all of the evidence available in this case.