There’s a lot of hurt out there, Murphy says after close election win, I inherited a mess

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NJ Governor Phil Murphy
NJ Governor Phil Murphy

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy says he wants to reach deeper into more families in the Garden State after narrowly defeating his opponent Jack Ciattarelli.

Murphy, a favored winner in the election ended up winning by just 2 percentage points in the end. Now, the governor says going forward his administration is going to try to connect to those who have opposed his policy.

“I’m happy to have made history I got more votes this time than last time, so that’s all for the good,” Murphy said. “Thank god we put the programs in place. We put in place the actions we took whether it’s expanding pre-k, raising the minimum wage investing at all-time record levels, and infrastructure, because I think had we not, we might have been swept away as well.”

Murphy said he stands behind his agenda saying it’s neither progressive nor non-progressive and said he needs to connected more deeply into more kitchen tables.

The Governor also spoke about the devastating loss of one of New Jersey’s most powerful Democrats, Steve Sweeney and whether or not his policies led to that defeat. When asked if his comment about if taxes are somebody’s single issue, New Jersey isn’t the state for them.

He continues to maintain that statement was taken out of context.