New Jersey Health Commissioner: We want to vaccinate all of the children

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New Jersey Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli warned on Monday that unvaccinated children can be the source of the next deadly mutation of COVID-19. Pushing for vaccination for New Jersey’s children, Persichilli noted that while most COVID-19 cases among children are mild infections, but they are the state’s last superspreaders.

“While most of these children have mild infections, some have a more severe illness,” Persichilli said. “Also these children can transmit the infection to other children and to adults who may be more vulnerable.”

As of Monday, 1.2% of all children aged 5-11 in New Jersey have received their first dose of vaccine, or 9,000 doses.

Pershichilli warned of dire consequences in the future for children who do not get vaccinated.

“It can help children stay healthy which can allow them to stay in school, participate in sports and socialize with their friends,” Persichilli said.

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She added that unvaccinated children may also be the source of the next deadly mutation of the virus.

“Additionally, anytime the virus is replication, mutations can evolve, so stopping infections in everyone is the best way to curb this pandemic,” she added. “

Persichilli said the end goal is to vaccinate all children.