Scared Little Dog No One Wanted Became The Best Foster Fail

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When a couple decide to Foster a little dog, they had no idea how difficult the challenge would be. The dog was scared to death of them. He cowered in the corner and under the bed. He shook anytime someone went near him . This was going to be a tough challenge but they were up for the task.

Very slowly he started to make progress with the husband but she was having a more difficult time. They named him Chips Ahoy. He followed him around the house all day. Eventually he started trusting in them both.

An adopter was found and the couple sadly gave him up, but after two days the dog was returned as being too difficult. The couple gladly took the dog back in and continued to work with him.

After several hundred belly rubs and lots of time and patience, they decided they couldn’t bare to let Chips Ahoy go, so they made it official and became happy to become the latest foster fail!

Watch this sweet story from The Dodo below: