Former radio funny guy Howard Stern to Trump in 2024 race “I’ll beat his a–“

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There was a time when Howard Stern was funny. Back in the 1990s when he was pushing the limits of talk radio, he was the king of radio. Since then, he has disappeared into the void of satellite radio and when you’re allowed to be obscene and vulgar, it no longer became funny or interesting.

Now, the 67-year-old former shock jock said if Donald Trump runs for President in 2024, he will run against him.

Stern said it would be his civic duty to run against Trump, “There’s no way I’d lose.”

Stern supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 when she was defeated by Trump. It wouldn’t be the first time Stern tried to get in the political spotlight. In 1994, he announced he was running for governor of New York, but dropped out after learning he would have to disclose his personal finances.

Stern has been criticized by the media as he ages. In 2021, The New York Post reported, “Shock jock Stern has lost his sting — and his mojo“.

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Stern, in a $120 million annual contract with Sirius XM works just three days a week from his basement studio in his Hamptons mansion.

“The Howard Stern who stayed on air as planes flew into the World Trade Center is unrecognizable,” the Post reported in June. “Today, it’s all too easy to predict what Stern will say next. Don’t just take my word for it — endless Reddit threads and Facebook groups are devoted to carbon dating the show’s death, parsing over its comedic breadcrumbs and wondering why Stern even bothers anymore.”