Toms River council moves to block private schools from plan to turn downtown into bustling city

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – The Toms River Township Council proposed an ordinance to block the development of private schools in the Downtown Toms River redevelopment plan.

In 2019, the township published the Downtown Toms River Core Redevelopment Plan, which laid out future expansion guidelines that could turn the downtown area into a large city that will include at least two 10-story apartment towers.

In 2019, the council voted to approve that plan, with Councilman Dan Rodrick casting the lone no vote, in opposition to overdevelopment.

After passing the first reading of the ordinance, Rodrick thanked the council for changing its decision.

“I guess elections do have consequences,” Rodrick said to the council. “I want to thank the council and Mayor Hill for changing their minds. Private schools were not a permitted use in the village business district and residents were appalled that private schools were added to the redevelopment plan. I voted against that plan. I’m glad the council is finally willing to listen to the people. We want businesses downtown, not apartments and private schools.”

The measure was unanimously passed by the township council.

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