Multiple car thefts in Jackson Township tracked back to Newark, New York City

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JACKSON, NJ – Since late October, vehicles are being stolen out of driveways across Jackson Township with thieves targeting high-end vehicles. To make their job easier, most of the vehicles being stolen had their keys left inside the vehicles by their owners, police say.

The vehicles are usually just taken for joy rides and abandoned in dark areas such as Lakewood, Newark and New York City.

Many of the incidents also involved the theft of wallets, credit cards, personal items, and expensive items left in the cars by the owners. Police in Jackson are warning residents to lock their car doors and do not become easy victims for the criminals.

The Jackson Police Department has released the following statement on the rash of auto thefts:

In response to several recent incidents in our town and surrounding communities, the Jackson Police Department is once again reminding residents to remove valuables from their parked vehicles, including key fobs, and to lock them to remove easy opportunities for thieves to make you a victim of a crime.

October 20, 2021:

A resident of Redwood Place reported that her 2021 Range Rover, valued at $120,000.00, was stolen from the driveway during the overnight hours. The key fob had been left inside the vehicle. Cash, multiple credit cards and other personal items were also inside the vehicle when it was stolen.

The vehicle was equipped with a tracking device which indicated it was in Newark, NJ and the Newark Police Department was notified to check for it. Later it was tracked to an area in the Bronx, NY and the NYPD was then notified about the vehicle. No update was provided to the Jackson Police Department from the NYPD that the vehicle was located. The investigation has been assigned to Det. Michael Goelz.

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October 22, 2021:

Officers responded to the Firestone located on West County Line Road on the report of the theft of a 2018 Jeep. The vehicle was being serviced and after a test drive was parked in the parking lot with the key fob left inside the vehicle. The vehicle was reportedly parked in the lot for approximately 5 minutes when it was reported that a male subject observed walking on West County Line Road entered the Jeep and drove away with it. The vehicle was recovered the following day in Lakewood by the Lakewood Police Department. The investigation is ongoing by Det. Michael Goelz.

October 27, 2021:

A resident of Picadilly Drive reported a burglary to a 2020 Dodge. Unknown suspect(s) entered the unlocked vehicle during the overnight hours and stole the owner’s wallet, which was left in the center console. The wallet contained multiple credit cards which had to be canceled.

November 1, 2021:

A resident of Newbury Court reported that a 2019 BMW valued at $50,000.00 was stolen from the driveway during the overnight hours. The owner was not certain if the vehicle had been locked and could not locate both key fobs for the car. The vehicle was equipped with GPS but attempts to track it were unsuccessful. The vehicle’s EZ Pass transponder was tracked going through the exit for Newark Airport earlier in the morning.

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Follow up investigation revealed information that a group of juveniles on a group trip had left Six Flags Great Adventure on foot and subsequently stole a vehicle near the Jackson Premium Outlets, this vehicle theft was not reported to the Jackson Police Department. While driving around the area, they reportedly observed the 2019 BMW and discovered that the key fob was inside it and stole that vehicle too. The BMW was allegedly then sold to another unknown party for cash. The investigation is ongoing by Det. Michael Goelz at this time.

November 4, 2021:

At 3:37 am, officers responded to a residence on Short Hills Boulevard on the report by a resident claiming her 2020 Mercedes valued at $44,000.00 had just been stolen from her driveway. A 2018 Volkswagon was left abandoned at the location still running with the doors open and it was discovered that this vehicle had been reported stolen out of Newark, NJ. This vehicle was recovered for processing and items stolen in other incidents were recovered from the vehicle and the vehicle was later turned over to its owner.

It was confirmed that the Mercedes had been left unlocked with the key fob inside of it. It was equipped with a tracking device which showed the vehicle heading north on Rt. 9 and then the Garden State Parkway. This information was provided to the local police departments in those areas as well as the New Jersey State Police.

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It was reported that the vehicle contained several Coach purses, the victim’s passport, driver’s license, social security card, the victim’s children’s social security cards, cash, blank checks, laptop, multiple IPhones, an IPad, the key fob for another vehicle, jewelry, house keys, garage door openers and multiple gift cards.

The victim contacted headquarters several days later to advise that the vehicle had been located and turned over to her by the Newark Police Department and that all of the contents left inside were gone. The vehicle was then processed by JPD. The investigation is ongoing by Det. Craig Lindenberg at this time.

Also on November 4th, residents of Chelsea Road reported that unknown suspect(s) had entered their 2018 Jeep and 2021 Acura which had been parked unlocked in their driveway and stole their wallets which had been left inside. These items were recovered in the Volkswagon that was left at the Short Hills Blvd. incident.

We ask that anyone who may have information about any of these incidents to contact police headquarters at 732-928-1111 or through the department’s StopIt app online. Please contact police headquarters to report any suspicious activity.