Murphy accepts Ciattarelli surrender, says New Jersey voters chose to continue moving forward

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TRENTON, NJ – Aided by a large Democrat voting base that outnumbers Republicans by one million voters and a vote-by-mail system that typically benefits Democrats, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy accepted his opponent’s delayed surrender.

Murphy was also aided by a rather weak campaign from his opponent, who unlike Murphy failed to rally his base fully and convince moderates that he was the guy for the job.

Today, Jack Ciattarelli conceded to Murphy but announced he’ll be back in 2025.

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“Earlier today I received a phone call from Assemblyman Ciattarelli congratulating us on our victory. I thank the Assemblyman, his wife Melinda, and his family for a spirited campaign and their commitment to public service,” Murphy said. “This election was not simply a choice of candidates, but of direction, and the people of New Jersey have chosen to keep moving forward. We know our work of building a stronger and fairer state doesn’t end with this election. And we know our path forward won’t be easy as we continue to beat back this pandemic.”

Murphy announced that he will not be doing much different in the way he runs the state, doubling down on his plan, using the election victory as mandate for his policies.

 “Over the next four years, we will govern as we have since day one – committed to building a stronger and fairer New Jersey from the middle out and the bottom up. A state where everyone has a fair chance and opportunity is there for all. We will continue to stand with New Jersey’s middle class and everyone striving to get there,” Murphy said.

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Still, nearly half of voters rejected Murphy’s agenda and the governor said he’s taken note, promising to perhaps listen to those who have opposed him, possibly even considering their opinions and opposition going forward…but we’ll have to wait and see.

“We also renew our promise to all New Jerseyans – those that voted for me, and those that did not – to continue fighting for a New Jersey that works for everyone. I look forward to moving confidently toward that goal as one state and one family,” Murphy said.