Sticking up for hubby, Hunter Biden’s wife Melissa says missing laptop ‘not real’

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Hunter Biden’s missing laptop is not real. That was the message Hunter Biden’s wife Melissa Cohen said as the couple sauntered to their art gallery exhibition in Manhattan last night.

When pressed by reporters asking, “Hunter did you get your laptop back?”

“It doesn’t exist,” Cohen responded, defending her artist husband Hunter.

“There’s always a smart-ass in the bunch,” Biden said.

The laptop doesn’t exist and all of the information, including photos of Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden smoking crack, in bed with hookers and Squirtles are all fake?

At this point, even the fake news media’s fact-checkers have given up trying to tell Americans the laptop wasn’t real, instead claiming it was stolen, therefore inadmissible in the court of public opinion.

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Biden’s paintings on display ranged from tens of thousands of dollars to $100,000. Early reports claim that the aspiring commercial artist did not make any sales.

Late night cable talk show host, Greg Gutfeld, of the chart-topping Gutfeld! show on Fox joked last night that the reason there were no sales was that too many people were watching. It was a dig at the suspicious arrangement made by the White House to keep buyers a secret, hidden from the public view.