Despite strict mask guidelines, mandates, New Jersey leading U.S. in influenza hospitalization by 3 times more than other states

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New Jersey is known as one of the strictest states when it comes to COVID-19 health and safety mandates and policies. Students are required to wear face masks, public workers and teachers are forced to vaccinate and the state leads the nation in the number of residents vaccinated for COVID-19 per capita.

Now, the state is facing a disturbing new reality. It leads the nation in confirmed influenza cases by more than two-thirds the amount of other states in the country.

In the first few weeks of the 2021-22 influenza season, despite many of its residents wearing facemasks in indoor public spaces, the state has a growing influenza outbreak.

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62 patients have been hospitalized so far this season for influenza. By contrast, the next three states on the list provided by the CDC, Virginia, Florida, California and Pennsylvania have between 20 and 26 cases per state, keeping in mind New Jersey is also the least populated state on the top 5 list.

Breaking down the New Jersey flu cases, the Jersey Shore, including Monmouth and Ocean Counties are experiencing a ‘moderate’ activity while the rest of the state is reporting low influenza activity.

According to the New Jersey Department of Health, school absences due to influenza are on the rise, jumping from 3% to 7% at the beginning of November.

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