Lidl offers $30 Thanksgiving feast

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Ahead of the holiday season, Lidl has released pricing for a traditional Thanksgiving basket allowing shoppers to assemble a holiday meal for less than $30. The basket includes a 13-pound turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and all of the trimmings to feed a family of up to 10 people for less than $3 a person. Lidl, named a Top 3 Supermarket by USA Today Readers’ Choice Award, will offer the special prices the week leading up to Thanksgiving, starting on November 17.

Below is the list of Lidl’s Thanksgiving items and quantities based on the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Survey.

• Frozen Turkey (13 lbs.)
• Pumpkin Pie Mix
• Milk, 1 gallon whole
• Carrots
• Celery
• Green Beans
• Pie Shells
• Fresh Cranberries
• Whipping Cream
• Bagged Stuffing
• Sweet Potatoes
• Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

“As the prices for food rise across the country, Lidl is continuing to give shoppers the ability to put more on the table this holiday season,” said Stefan Schwarz, Lidl US Chief Product Officer. “For less than $30, shoppers at Lidl can provide family and friends a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings. We are proud to be part of this holiday tradition.”

In addition to the essential items for a Thanksgiving meal, Lidl also offers items to elevate the Thanksgiving spread. They include wines, cheeses, and baked goods.

  • Lidl’s high-quality cheeses from around the world – Lidl’s assortment of global cheese delicacies are customer favorites year-round, and especially around the holidays. The top items, such as double crème brie and Spanish tapas cheese sampler, paired with Lidl’s cured meats make charcuterie boards easy to assemble, low in price, and will leave guests convinced you’ve spent hours curating and assembling your cheeseboard.
  • Lidl baked goods are second to none – If you’re worried about what to serve your in laws for breakfast, look no further than Lidl’s French croissants or Apple Turnovers. Both items are baked throughout the day for freshness. Starting at just $0.59 cents each, the croissants contain high butter content, are made using an authentic French recipe. The Apple Turnover is a tried-and-true classic which consists of apple filling enveloped in a light and flaky crust. These effortless breakfast items make for the perfect brunch for your houseguests.
  • Lidl’s award-winning wines – With dozens of award-winning wines to choose from, Lidl makes it easy to impress with any items from our wine assortment. In particular, the Caladeverde Nero d’Avola Sicilia is a light-bodied, authentic Sicilian wine made with organic grapes, coming in at less than $10. This Italian wine pairs well with hearty meats and has the versatility to accompany all that the celebration has to offer.

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