Tired of wobbly toilet paper? There’s a fix for that too

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Toilet paper, roll of toilet paper in hand. Stocks of toilet paper. Girl puts toilet paper in the cabinet

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all come to put toilet paper in higher regards than before. We stock it, we buy it bulk and many people now hoard it, but what happens when your beloved TP gets wobbly?

Thankfully, W. Mark Stewart, founder of RollZap LLC and inventor of SmoothTP has eliminated the frustration of using crushed, crumpled or bent rolls of toilet paper.

“Baseballs are round, basketballs are round, the earth is round. Your toilet paper roll should be round.  However, in a recent survey we found that 89% of tp rolls are no longer perfectly round making the SmoothTP a must have for each and every bathroom in America. And now is a good time to place your Christmas order… Great Stocking Stuffer,” Stewart said.

Stewart has been able to take his idea and restore toilet paper rolls that are deformed, crushed, or flattened.

He said, “when you use the toilet paper it would tear off causing you to use more. It is annoying to pay good money for toilet paper and then have to fight with it not unrolling evenly.”

This gave him the idea to invent an insert that would go inside the roll which would ensure that the roll dispensed evenly… SmoothTP.