Cruz: Biden administration is deliberately creating lawlessness in Texas

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EL PASO, TX – As many Americans wonder why the Biden Administration is ignoring the crisis at America’s southern border, Texas Senator Ted Cruz says he knows why.

Cruz alleged President Biden and his administration are intentionally letting things go to hell for Americans living along the border with Mexico.

“The Biden Administration is deliberately creating lawlessness on our southern border. When I meet with law enforcement and ranchers throughout Texas, they tell me they’re fed up with the crime wreaking havoc on their communities,” Cruz said.

U.S. illegal immigration is at record levels in 2021 and Cruz blamed the Biden administration for intentionally enticing caravans of illegal immigrants in Central America to come to America. Some of those enticements Cruz said included payouts to illegal immigrant families and other Biden policies that have hindered the U.S. Border Patrol’s ability to protect the country’s southern border.

“We pay millions of dollars to illegal immigrants,” Cruz said to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas during a hearing.

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