Kamala Harris says Biden’s souring economy is “rough” and “real” as uncertainty looms ahead of the holiday season

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As Americans are trying to figure out how to push through a very difficult upcoming holiday season where it’s going to cost a considerable amount more to feed the family, buy groceries and refuel their vehicles for holiday travel, uncertainty is setting in for many.

Parents are wondering how to get by as the value of the dollar drops under Bidenflation and the cost of goods and services are scarce and increasingly expensive due to the Biden supply chain crisis.

When asked what the administration can do to reign in the runaway cost of living in America, Vice President Kamala Harris said, the struggle is real and it’s rough.

“Well first of all, it’s real and it’s and it’s rough,” Harris said. “Groceries the cost of groceries has gone up. The cost of gas has gone up, and it as this is all happening in the context of two years of a pandemic.”

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