Watch: Maskless Joe Biden puts on a mask for a selfie

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U.S. President Joe Biden tours the General Motors 'Factory ZERO' electric vehicle assembly plant in Detroit

Joe Biden was comfortable and confident as he worked the crowd, shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries with the audience at his visit on November 17th to an electric vehicle assembly plant in Detroit, Michigan. Why shouldn’t he?

After all, the President of the United States if fully vaccinated and had his booster just a month ago. But when asked to pose for a selfie, Biden donned his mask in a very confusing message to the American people who are struggling to cope with the inconsistency of the Biden Administration’s actions during the pandemic.

If a fully vaccinated President can work the room without a mask, why can’t the average American? Does Biden have some kind of secret vaccine formula that works better than the rest? Is he more immune because he’s a member of the liberal elite? If so, why put on a mask for a selfie with a woman who is wearing a mask and has also been vaccinated?

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The mixed signals are extremely confusing to the average American that doesn’t possess the vast knowledge and insight on the science held closely and guarded by the liberal elite.