Mark Johnson savages Chinese spy-lover Eric Swalwell

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WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Eric Swalwell, who had an affair with a known Chinese spy that had access to his congressional office was savaged by Congressman Mark Johnson. Swalwell, mocking GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy after his eight hour long speech to delay the Build Back Better bill.

“Is there an English translation for @GOPLeader McCarthy Floor Speech?” Swalwell tweeted.

“You prefer it whispered to you in Chinese?” Johnson asked, mocking Swalwell for his sexual relationship with Chinese spy Christine Fang.

You can read our previous coverage of Swalwell’s relationship with the Chinese spy below:

Christine Fang, a Chinese national and former student at California State University, East Bay is being accused by the U.S. Government of being a spy for the communist nation.  Fang, according to her account on the Chinese social media platform Renren received a certificate of honor from the Chinese consulate in San Francisco, raising suspicions.  Fang, according to Axios maintained a very close relationship with the Chinese consulate.

Fang is being accused of conducting political intelligence information gathering in the San Francisco Bay area and California between 2011 and 2015.  Reports claim she used her charm and charisma to engage in close personal relationships with candidates and elected officials, even engaging in sexual relationships with some.  Fang’s activities were being watched by the FBI and her movement was being tracked.  When she learned she was being investigated by the FBI, she returned home to the motherland, China.

This week, Fang was brought into the national spotlight after it became made public that she worked for U.S. Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell’s 2014 re-election campaign.  She then interned for Swalwell in his D.C. office, giving her direct access to Congress.  Being a member of the House Intelligence Committee, the FBI briefed Swalwell in 2015 about Fang.

Fang engaged in sexual encounters with two Ohio mayors according to Axios.

“Fang engaged in sexual or romantic relationships with at least two mayors of Midwestern cities said one U.S. intelligence official and one former elected official. At a 2014 conference in Washington, an older Midwestern mayor “from an obscure city” referred to Fang as his “girlfriend” and insisted the relationship was genuine despite the clear age difference between Fang and himself, according to former Cupertino Mayor Gilbert Wong, who was directly present for the conversation,” Axios reported. “Fang also had a sexual encounter with an Ohio mayor in a car that was under electronic FBI surveillance, said one current U.S. official. When the mayor asked why Fang was interested in him, Fang told him she wanted to improve her English, the same official said.”

It is not sure which mayor was implicated at this time and it has not been proven that she had any sexual relationships with Swalwell. Fang has not been charged by the Department of Justice for any crimes to date.

A list of other politicians with relationships with Fang includes Tulsi Gabbard, Ro Khanna, Mike Honda, Bill Harrison, Ed Lee, and Judy Chu.