Are you looking for a 24 karat gold turkey for Thanksgiving? Here it is and it costs just $2,500

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24 Karat Gold Turkey – Thanksgiving at Empire Steak House

2021 is promising to be the most expensive Thanksgiving dinner in American history thanks to the rising inflation under President Joe Biden. If you’re thinking of upping the ante on the cost of this year’s dinner, have you thought about a turkey wrapped in gold?

That’s what’s happening at the Empire Steakhouse in New York City.

“Gold is oftentimes associated with sophistication, elegance, value, quality, status and royalty. For us, Dine Like an Emperor, is not just a hashtag, it’s our Motto! We strive for excellence, offering a feast fit for Emperors and an impeccable service that has been perfectioned during our 40 years of experience,” the company said. “This year, our Thanksgiving offerings extend far beyond traditional American fare. Our executive chef Ahmet Kula, presents you with new dishes which have been infused with creativity and flair.”

The 24 Karat Gold Turkey, priced at $2500, will amaze diners, taking their celebrations to the next level.

“Pair the food you love with your wine of choice from our extensive list of over 400 premium selections and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and stunning ambience. Join our festivities and let’s be Thankful Together,” the company said.