Opinion: Toms River will be better off without progressive Democrats Turnbach and Huryk on the town council

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – The voters of Toms River on Election Day earlier this month sent a clear message to the Democrat party, they don’t want their dangerous, race-baiting progressive ideologies in their town.

The election was a mandate for Republicans in Toms River to defend their town against the radical agenda being brought to Toms River by liberal progressive Democrats Laurie Huryk and Terrance Turnbach. Huryk did not run for re-election this year. If she did, she would have lost.

If you remember, Huryk was the one who declared Toms River Township was “too white” and that residents of the town needed to “do better”.

That statement left pretty much the entire town in shock as Huryk was looking for a knee-jerk soundbite as the George Floyd riots burned across America.

Turnbach, a criminal defense attorney who wanted to bring a large homeless shelter to the town that would attract homeless New Jerseyans from across the state was also shown the door by voters. Turnbach was also a man who would lecture the town of Toms River each week to help those in need.

He would speak sometimes for minutes about all of the good deeds he did in the community such as working at food pantries, helping the homeless, keeping the homeless warm on winter nights and even camping out in front of town hall to make a statement for the homeless.

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Turnbach had proof of his good deeds, a photo op by township photographers at his every turn and a post on social media about his good deeds.

The residents of Toms River didn’t elect Turnbach to do good deeds. They elected Turnbach to run the town, ensure the town was being put on the right path, to lower taxes, to stop overdevelopment and to fight political corruption in the town.

He did none of the above. Instead, Turnbach backed the Mo Hill Republicans in lock-step, raising taxes, awarding patronage jobs, allowing developers to run amuck in the town and supported the plan to turn Downtown Toms River into a city.

Dishonest Turnbach, even went as far as filing a false and bogus complaint with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office against Shore News Network because we called out his agenda in public.

There are many reasons Turnbach lost his election this year and come January, he and Huryk will fade into obscurity, but the main reason isn’t that Turnbach is a dishonest political hack who filed a bogus Attorney General’s office complaint against the media, it’s because everyone in Toms River was sick and tired of listening to him babble about how great Terrance Turnbach is and how bad everyone else is for not being Terrance Turnbach.

Turnbach can now return to his private life where he enriches himself by defending rapists, child sexual predators, domestic violence criminals and drug dealers, after all, that is the way of his progressive wing of the Democrat party. It is my sincere hope that Terrance Turnbach can one day look into a mirror and see the evil that he is, and the evil that he represents and be honest with himself and the people of Toms River.

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It is only then that he may have a chance at restoring his political career…that, or getting a cush appointment from the Democrat party in some prosecutor’s office. Until then, we wish Mr. Turnbach a happy and healthy life in the dungeons and trenches of the New Jersey criminal court system.

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