“He had no emotion on his face” cops say in grim, detailed report of Waukesha Christmas parade mass murderer

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Darrell Brooks poses for a booking photograph in Waukesha

WAUKESHA, WI – A court criminal complaint released by the state of Wisconsin provides more grim details of career criminal Darrell E Brooks’ intentional and deadly terrorist attack against participants, including elderly women and children at the 2021 Waukesha Christmas parade last week.

Below is the account given to the court by the Waukesha Police Depatment”

On November 21, 2021, Detective Casey was working traffic control for the annual Waukesha Christmas Parade, which was being held in the downtown area of the City of Waukesha, Waukesha County, Wisconsin.

He was assigned to traffic control at the intersection of White Rock Avenue and East Main Street. The staging area for the parade participants was on White Rock Avenue from Perkins Avenue south to East Main Street. There were approximately one hundred entries in the parade, with hundreds of participants, and thousands of people watching the parade. The parade had already started and there were numerous people, vehicles, and floats already on the parade route on East Main Street.

At approximately 4:35 p.m., Detective Casey heard via the Waukesha police radio that a reserve officer was informed by a citizen that two people were fighting in the area of White Rock School. Squads were sent to that area to further investigate. A few minutes later, Detective Casey heard a horn honking from an area north of his location. Detective Casey went out onto White Rock Avenue to see where the horn sound was coming from.

He observed that White Rock Avenue was filled with parade participants, as was East Main Street. He began to see people spreading apart and observed a red Ford Escape driving southbound on White Rock Avenue. He observed people jumping out of the way of the red Ford Escape. As the Ford Escape was at White Rock Avenue and East Main Street, Detective Casey stepped in front of the Ford Escape and pounded on the hood of the vehicle and yelled multiple times, “Stop.”

Detective Casey was wearing a shirt with patches on both shoulders that stated, “Waukesha Police”, as well as wearing a black hat with white letters on the front of the hat which stated “Police”. Further, he was wearing a neon orange safety vest that stated “Police” on the front and back of it. The Ford Escape continued driving and turned westbound on East Main Street. At that time, the vehicle was driving at a slow speed and the vehicle brushed Detective Casey back off of the front of the car, causing him to be positioned down the driver’s side of the vehicle. Detective Casey went to the driver’s side window and pounded on the driver’s side door yelling, “Stop”.

Detective Casey subsequently positively identified the driver of the Ford Escape as Darrell E. Brooks, Jr., DOB: 2/21/82, hereinafter referred to as the defendant. The defendant drove past Detective Casey and into the parade procession. Detective Casey chased the vehicle to East Avenue on foot and he observed the vehicle begin to drive faster.

Detective Casey broadcast over the radio that the red Ford Escape had entered the parade route and he needed squads to respond in an emergency fashion. A few seconds later, Detective Casey heard on the police radio that the vehicle was striking people and was continuing westbound on East Main Street. While the defendant was driving westbound on East Main Street, he struck numerous pedestrians, which included both parade participants and spectators located on the side of the street. Detective Casey later observed three adult victims in the road on East Main Street. These victims were subsequently identified as VICTIM A, VICTIM B AND VICTIM C. All three of these victims had traumatic injuries as a result of being hit by the vehicle the defendant was driving and all three were subsequently pronounced dead. VICTIM D, an adult, was transported to Waukesha Memorial Hospital and she subsequently died as a result of the injuries she sustained as a result of being struck by the defendant’s vehicle. VICTIM E, an adult, was transported to Aurora Summit and he subsequently died as a result of the injuries he sustained as a result of being struck by the defendant’s vehicle.

In addition to the five deceased individuals, as of November 23, 2021, there were also 62 injured victims, children and adults, some of which were reported in critical condition. Dr. Lynda Biedrzycki and Dr. Amy Sheil of the Waukesha County Medical Examiner’s office have completed external examinations on all of the deceased victims. They have concluded the Cause of Death for Victim A, Victim B, Victim C, Victim D and Victim E was multiple blunt force injuries. Officer Butryn was assisting with crowd control in the area of East Main Street and North East Avenue.

At approximately 4:38 p.m., Officer Butryn heard on his radio that a car was traveling west bound, approaching the parade route. Officer Butryn observed a red Ford Escape traveling westbound on White Rock Avenue, approaching East Main Street. He began walking onto East Main Street, into the parade, in an attempt to get the driver’s attention, stop the vehicle and redirect the vehicle from the parade route.

The vehicle turned right onto East Main Street, toward Officer Butryn. As the vehicle was traveling westbound on East Main Street, Officer Butryn was standing directly in-line with the vehicle, wearing a full City of Waukesha Police Department uniform. He put his hand up and yelled, “Stop, stop the vehicle” multiple times. Based upon his training and experience, Officer Butryn estimated the vehicle’s speed to be approximately 25 miles per hour. The vehicle was initially sticking to the north side of the road, in the open lane between the parade participants and spectators.

Officer Butryn observed the driver looking straight ahead, directly at him, and it appeared he had no emotion on his face. As the vehicle passed his location, Officer Butryn continually yelled for the vehicle to stop. The vehicle continued traveling westbound on East Main Street, and passed through the intersection of East Main Street and Buckley Street.

Officer Butryn concluded that if the driver was lost and attempting to get out of the parade, this would have been a reasonable location for him to stop and exit the parade route. The vehicle continued westbound on East Main Street and was honking its horn. As the vehicle got to approximately Martin Street, it appeared to Officer Butryn that the vehicle began to increase its speed. As the vehicle was traveling westbound, the vehicle began getting closer to parade spectators, and almost struck a small juvenile who was standing in one of the parking stalls on the north side of the road as its speed was increasing.

The vehicle then got to the intersection of East Main Street and NW Barstow Street, and it appeared the brakes were activated. Office Butryn believed the vehicle was going to come to a stop and attempt to make a right hand turn out of the parade route, onto NW Barstow Street. However, the vehicle then appeared to rapidly accelerate, as Officer Butryn heard tires squeal. The vehicle took an abrupt left turn into the crowd of parade participants. At this point, it was clear to Officer Butryn that this was an intentional act to strike and hurt as many people as possible. Officer Butryn continued to run westbound on East Main Street, trailing the vehicle and its path. He observed the vehicle appeared to be intentionally moving side to side, striking multiple people, and bodies and objects were flying from the area of the vehicle. As Officer Butryn got to the area of the Subway restaurant on East Main Street, Officer Butryn began to encounter multiple casualties. Multiple people were pulling at him, saying that they needed assistance with injured parties.

Based on the on-going threat of the vehicle and the occupant, Officer Butryn asked those assisting with the casualties as he passed, if they were breathing, and advised them to stay with them and that ambulances were on the way. Officer Butryn continued to chase after the vehicle on foot in order to stop the threat the driver posed. Detective Casey spoke with Officer Scholten, who indicated he saw the Ford Escape traveling southbound on West Main Street, approaching Wisconsin Avenue, running over people. Officer Scholten shot at the vehicle three times, striking it three times. Detective Trussoni spoke with multiple citizen witnesses who were present during the parade.

One witness indicated, “As I continued to watch the SUV, it continued to drive in a zig-zag motion. It was like the SUV was trying to avoid vehicles, not people. There was no attempt made by the vehicle to stop, much less slow down.” Detective Trussoni spoke with another witness who described the same zig zag driving pattern by the SUV and the witness further indicated, he felt it was “a direct intent to hit as many parade participants.”