Laptop From Hell is a must-read; shocking, but revealing eye-opening look inside the Biden family’s dysfunctional and corrupt inner circle

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They say you never want to know how the sausage is made, but when it comes to the President of the United States, his sex-crazed drug-addicted son Hunter and the power and profit of influence peddling by some of the most power people in America, you deserve to know.

Just when the world thought Gary Busey snorting cocaine off his dog was the pinnacle example of uncontrollable drug use by America’s elite, enter Hunter Biden who tells Busey to “hold my beer”.

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Laptop From Hell is a book written by New York Post Author Miranda Devine who was entrusted with the information contained on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop at a Delaware computer repair shop.

In the book, Devine turns over every rock, including a huge diamond given to Hunter by an influential Chinese Communist Party influencer. No dirty hotel sheet is left unexamined and every bank transaction between the Bidens, their powerful Chinese and Russian partners, and Hunter is left unchecked.

Did we mention the time Hunter lined up M&Ms on his member and took a photo, because, when you’re getting millions of dollars funneled into your bank account from foreign interests for positions you’re not qualified, other than drugs and hookers, what else is there to do with your time and money?

While the book focused deeply on Biden’s financial transactions, salaries and gifts from influential communist deal makers, it also delves into the dark personal life of the President’s son.

Certainly, paying his child support and caring for his ex-wives and his children were secondary as texts from his exes were usually met with bizarre behavior you would expect from a crack-addicted deadbeat husband who affectionately called the mother of his children the c-word.

The book covers the toxic relationship between Hunter and his former sister-in-law turned wife Hallie which appeared to be doomed before it started.

The relationship with Hallie is toxic. She is trying to get clean and is censorious about his drug abuse.

He calls her a “stupid fucking cunt” and accuses her of cheating on him with a mutual friend, David, whom he stalks one night to a sports bar in Wilmington.

“You fucking pussy,” he texts. “I’m sitting outside Rocco’s, Dave. Come on out buddy.”

Hallie has blocked Hunter from her phone, so he resorts to texting her thirteen-year-old daughter: “Natalie, tell your mom to call me. Not you. Thanks.”

“Don’t say anything hurtful,” replies Natalie.

His gentle reproof sets Hunter off: “Natalie stay out of my business and never tell me what I can and cannot do. You’re 13 and have no business telling me to shut up or anything in fact. And tell your mother I will not speak to her if you are in the room, house, car…now tell her damnit to call me now.”

Hallie takes over Natalie’s phone: “This is Hallie—If you need to discuss something with me, do it through your father as you told me to. Please do not tell Natalie to have me call you, she is too young.”

Laptop from Hell – Miranda Devine

The book is full of bizarre scenes that unfolded in the Biden family, usually sparked by Hunter’s drug-induced rage and paranoia. Other times it was triggered by Hunter expending all of his debit accounts, mutual funds and credit cards. One time, a Russian hooker wouldn’t leave Biden’s hotel room until she received payment after several of Hunter’s go-to Chinese funded slush accounts went dry.

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Eventually, Hunter’s luck and money would run dry and he was literally at death’s door. The Trump presidency was not good for the Biden family. With their diminished influence and deals gone bad, Hunter had nowhere left to go and little money left to burn. He spiraled further into darkness and only expensive hookers, quality blow and outrageously expensive hotel penthouses could bring him back to the light.

Biden’s career and life were both saved when his dad defeated Donald Trump and became President. Immediately, Hunter was set up with his latest money-making gig… artwork.

“A Trump victory was not only a threat to democracy [but] it also seemed a threat to my personal freedom,” he wrote in his memoir, the book reminded. “If Dad hadn’t won, I’m certain Trump would have continued to pursue me.”

He became serious with South African filmmaker Melissa Cohen and, “Later they moved to Malibu with their baby boy, Beau Jr., in a $20,000-a-month rental with an art studio where Hunter cooked up a new grift. He blew blobs of paint through a straw onto white canvases and put them up for sale to anonymous buyers in a New York art gallery for as much as $500,000.”

Hunter Biden was born again, doing what he had done best all of his life, making money for doing nothing because of who is father is.

The book takes readers on a fantastic journey of repeated failure, drug-induced outbursts and most importantly connects all of the dots between the Bidens and powerful Russian and Chinese communist influencers that are more than happy shelling out millions of dollars to the Biden family for a seat at the American table with the U.S. President and his closest allies.

After reading the book, the average American working 9 to 5 will be completely amazed at how neither the FBI, the IRS or any other federal government law enforcement agency hasn’t yet made an arrest of Hunter Biden and why Congress has not yet launched an investigation into the Clinton and Kerry family roles in this billion-dollar global influence-peddling scheme being operated by the Democrat Party’s most influential players.

Just when you think journalism in America is dead, Miranda Devine shows up to remind us that the profession is not yet completely gone.

The book will make the perfect Christmas or Hanukkah gift for every true American who is concerned about the future of our country.

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