New Jersey School board members walk out of meeting when confronted by mom about a controversial racial and sexual survey given to 3rd graders

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CEDAR GROVE, NJ – The School Board in Cedar Grove, New Jersey is case in point why moms across America are raging against the Democrat political machine that has branded them, terrorists.

In June, the district sent out surveys to students asking them to disclose personal, gender and race-specific questions to third and fourth graders with no option for students to ‘opt out’.

“The survey in dispute, prepared by unidentified members of an Equity and Diversity Advisory Council (EDAC), requested children disclose sensitive and personal information including, their “gender identity,” “religious affiliation,” and whether “school is a safe place for people who don’t look like you.”  Though the district represented that the surveys would be “voluntary” and “anonymous,” they did not include opt-out options. Third and fourth graders were required to complete the survey in class and some of them asked clarifying questions to better understand the survey,” reported Jersey 1st, a grassroots group helping the parents in the district.

The board dug in against the parents and put out a statement saying the prying survey was not illegal.

“Judge Cookson has asked for the Board of Education, the school district’s legal brief in Word. The indication is that Judge Cookson is not going to put gender identity to sexual behavior, totally separate and therefore is not an illegal survey, and if there is a letter in six weeks, maybe sooner from Judge Cookson, it is going to say the survey was proper,” the board said.

Parents are now calling for resignations, saying the district’s letter was ‘misinformation’.

At the November board meeting, parent Patricia Montana addressed the board over the survey and called for resignations over the district’s version of the judge’s response to court action.

As she was speaking, two board members got up and walked off the stage. Not having a majority of the body available, the board president called the meeting due to not having a quorum.

And this folks is why moms and dads across America are raging against the machine. The district also posted a video and edited the final minutes of the recorded session from the public record. The district camera rolled for two more minutes but that footage was edited.

In the video, the two board members can be seen quietly coordinating their exit as Montana spoke. After agreeing to the plan the two board members nodded, packed up their purses and walked off the stage.

Montana continued talking as parents screamed in anger and school officials booed and heckled her from the audience.