New Jersey student arrested for school threat hours after shooting that killed three at Michigan High School

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HOWELL TOWNSHIP, NJ – The Howell Township Police Department took immediate action after a threat was reported about a student with a gun in the school just hours after the deadly shooting that left three high school students dead in Michigan.

“This evening I was notified of a post on SnapChat. I immediately contacted Principal Braverman. Shortly thereafter I was notified by my road supervisor that they too received the same report from the community,” Chief Andrew Kudrick said. “Within an hour, the student was arrested. He was found to be in possession of an AirSoft rifle. The same one depicted in the photo. Although not a real firearm it certainly is identical to an actual rifle.”

Kurdrick thanked the community who recognized this potential threat and immediately shared across social media platforms and notified the police department.

“This was a poor decision by this juvenile. Although no credible threat of violence is assumed, we will have an increased police presence at the high school tomorrow,” Chief Kudrow added. “I thank all of you who saw something and said something. My officers, under the supervision of Sgt Encarnacion did an outstanding job.”

“In order to avoid further public alarm, and in partnership with HTPD Chief Kudrick, we are informing our school community that we were made aware of threatening remarks made this evening on SnapChat,” said Principal Braverman. “These remarks were immediately investigated by HTPD and found to be not credible. The student that posted these remarks will not be in school for the immediate future. As always, we are mindful of student confidentiality, but in light of the unrest of the public and our students, and to protect the safety of all students and staff, we are sharing this information. To that end, we join in the request of the Howell Police Department that everyone be mindful not to circulate or interpret rumors or speculative information as true. As always, the health and safety of all our students and staff is our foremost concern. Chief Kudrick and I have spoken multiple times this evening and will remain in close contact regarding this matter.”