Democrats think Americans are stupid after getting caught with misleading gas price post

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FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Biden delivers remarks on the November jobs report at the White House in Washington

Democrats think Americans are idiots and they’re hoping in 2022, they’re right. This week, the DCCC, the group responsible for funding congressional elections made a post exaggerating Joe Biden’s “2 cent gas tax reduction” as some significant savings. To illustrate their views on Americans’ ignorance, the DCC put out a chart that greatly expanded the gas prices to look much bigger than it is.

“In an attempt to tout President Joe Biden’s efforts at lowering gas prices, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee tweeted out a misleading chart on Thursday,” Insider reported.

To make matters worse, the Democrats rounded the numbers to make it appear to be a two-cent reduction when it was only a 1.5 cent reduction.

“The chart showed the average price at $3.395 on Nov. 22 before declining to show it at $3.38 on Nov. 29,” according to the New York Post.

The post was made after gas prices roses as much as $1.50 per gallon since Biden took office.

“It’s now 2 cents cheaper per gallon for Democrats to Gaslight us into thinking everything is great in Joe Biden’s America,” said Charlie Kirk.

Biden, since taking office has declared war against the oil industry, canceling the Keystone Pipeline, banning drilling on federal lands and launching inquiries into the gas and oil companies, stifling their industry. Now, the DCCC wants you to thank Joe Biden for a 1.5 cent drop in the federal gas tax.

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