Three charged after large crowd gathers around Sneads Police officer initiating traffic stop

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SNEADS, FL – On December 5, 2021, an Officer with the Sneads Police Department initiated a traffic stop near the intersection of Highway 90 and Ham Pond Lane in Sneads, Florida for a traffic violation. When the Officer activated his emergency lights and sirens, the driver continued to travel south on Ham Pond Lane until the Officer was able to take proactive measures to bring the vehicle to a stop.

After a brief altercation, the driver, Demetrius Green, was placed under arrest. As the traffic stop continued, a crowd of people who were not involved began to accumulate.

Numerous individuals, who were not involved in the traffic stop, arrived and began causing a disturbance. During this disturbance, Joana Burns pushed an Officer backwards, resulting in her being placed under arrest. As the Officer attempted to detain Burns, Zavion Kelly attempted to pull Burns away from the Officer and snatched the Officers hand off of Burns.

As a result, Kelly was also placed under arrest. While completing the traffic stop, Alesha Green was also belligerent and continuously displayed blatant disregard to the orders from the Officers commanding her to step away from the vehicle, resulting in her being placed under arrest.

After developing probable cause to conduct a search of the original vehicle, the following was located; three baggies of Marijuana weighing 24.45 grams, 17.88 grams, and 8.83 grams; three baggies of Methamphetamine weighing 14.90 grams, 13.45 grams, and 2.05 grams; a baggie containing 0.95 grams of Cocaine; 62 small plastic baggies and a black digital scale.

Arrested: Demetrius Green 41 y/o

Charges: F.S. 316.072(3) Failure to Stop for Law Enforcement, F.S. 322.34(2) Driving with License Suspended with Knowledge, F.S. 843.02 Resisting Arrest without Violence, F.S. 893.13(6a) Possession of Marijuana Over 20 grams, F.S. 893.135(1F1) Trafficking Methamphetamine, F.S. 893.13(6A) Possession of Cocaine, and F.S. 893.147 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Arrested: Alesha Green 40 y/o, Joana Burns 18 y/o, Zavion Kelly 22 y/o

Charge: F.S. 843.02 Resisting an Officer without Violence