Bumbling Joe Biden calls country ‘United Steak of America’

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U.S. President Biden travels to Kansas City

While rehashing a tale that American children are being loaded into the backseat of cars and taken to McDonald’s for internet access, Joe Biden on Wednesday referred to the country as the “United Steak of America”. It was the latest word tangle for a President who regularly fumbles and bumbles his words as he reads them off the teleprompter.

Biden’s high level of stumbling and bumbling his words has led some to believe that the 79-year-old president is in a stage of diminished cognitive ability. Biden is the oldest person ever to serve as President of the United States.

Biden made the gaffe while on tour pushing his Build Back Better agenda and selling the bipartisan infrastructure bill in Kansas City on Wednesday.

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This week, The Slate asked the question, “Why isn’t anyone listening to Joe Biden?”

” Biden isn’t a major attraction, and that may be having serious consequences for his presidency. It’s a curious but persistent feature of political polling right now that while the contents of the Build Back Better plan and the just-passed infrastructure bill are quite popular, Biden—the president whose platform they advance—is not,” the article read.