After speaking about global press freedom, Biden administration won’t commit to another press conference in 2021

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WASHINGTON, DC – Biden Administration spokesperson Jen Psaki, when asked whether or not President Joe Biden will host another Press Conference before the end of 2021 said there is nothing on the schedule. Biden earlier spoke about international press freedom.

“Well, one, I would say that global press freedom is something that he feels is important to stand up for not just here, but when he is traveling around the world and ensuring that your colleagues around the world who are dealing with circumstances where they don’t — they are put in jail, they don’t have access to any officials, they are restricted from covering global events, human rights abuses around the world — not that what you don’t all do isn’t very challenging; I’m not suggesting that — but there are a lot of circumstances around the world that I think even go beyond — go beyond,” Psaki said.

Psaki said the President doesn’t dodge the press and has made himself available for questions.

“I would say the President answers questions multiple times a week.  I think he’s done it already several times this week.  I don’t have a formal press conference with embroidered cushions to predict for you at this point in time.  But I can assure you that he will take your questions many, many times before the end of the year, and he looks forward, absolutely, to doing that,” Psaki added.

At a meeting on global democracy, Biden said of press freedom, ” We have to stand for justice and the rule of law, for free speech, free assembly, a free press, freedom of religion, and for all the inherent human rights of every individual.”