Aging Joe Biden once against reads teleprompter punctuation, “End of Message”

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U.S. President Biden meets with members of the White House COVID-19 Response Team about the Omicron Variant at the White House

First, it was Joe Biden’s “end quote” gaffe, now it’s “end of message”. The President of the United States had another senior moment this week while speaking at the memorial service for the late U.S. Senator Bob Dole.

“At the end of the day, we’ve always found ways to come together. We can find that unity again,” Biden said. “Then the message sand, end of message.”

Last time, the left’s fact checks defended Biden, saying the reading of “end quote” was not an error, but intended. USA Today fact checked the claim that Biden improperly read that message.

“But the clip is misleading. While Biden did read “end of quote” during a speech, the full context of his remarks show he was quoting the CEO of Walmart,” USA Today quoted in their fact check.

This time, even Snopes could not save Biden. After calling the latest gaffe, “an unfortunate mistake”, Snopes criticized conservative media for pouncing on the President for his error, which they confirmed.

“Right-leaning critics of the president seized upon what appeared to be an unfortunate mistake during a speech in December 2021,” Snopes fact checked, saying the claim is indeed ‘correct’.

It was another Ron Burgandy moment for the president, who at this point may have had more Ron Burgandy moments than the fictional newscaster himelf.

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