Mark Dice: Hillary Clinton isn’t doing well

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After former First Lady Hillary Clinton had an emotional breakdown, dwelling about her 2016 election loss five years after it happened, commentator Mark Dice said she’s not doing well.

Not a doctor, but a conservative talking head, dice pointed out the bizarre episode of Hillary reading her 2016 election victory speech, a speech she never delivered. In the end, she lost to Donald J. Trump in that election and has faded from the public spotlight since.

Dice mocked the former First Lady after she had an emotional breakdown reading the entry about a fictitious interaction between her and her mother about being the first female president in the history of the United States. That moment never happened.

“Why would somebody do that to themselves?” Dice said.

“A writer asked me, if I could go back in time and tell anyone in history about this milestone, who would it be? My mother,” Hillary said.

“I’ve met little boys and girls who didn’t understand why a woman has never been president before. Now they know, and the world knows, that in America, every boy and every girl can grow up to be whatever they dream — even president of the United States,” She read. “This is a victory for all Americans. Men and women. Boys and girls. Because as our country has proven once again, when there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit.”

Dice said it was apparent Hillary Clinton was still reeling from her 2016 loss and still hasn’t moved on after she was defeated by Donald Trump.

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