After being locked out of Statehouse over vax mandate, New Jersey Senator votes from nursing home forced to take COVID-19 positive patients during pandemic

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State Senator Joe Pennacchio participated remotely in Thursday morning’s Senate Economic Growth Committee, voting from the parking lot of the Paramus Veterans Memorial Home.

Pennacchio’s actions were in response to Democrat leaderships’ insistence the elected legislators must show Covid passports to exercise their legislative responsibilities at the State House in Trenton.

The Senator has challenged the edict, contending it is not science based, emphasizing the fact that vaccinated individuals can still become infected and spread the virus.

Pennacchio also questioned why natural immunity has not been factored into these arbitrary, exclusionary decisions. Studies have shown natural immunity to be equal to, and perhaps more effective than, current vaccines.

The Senator also highlighted the Democrats failed response to tragic deaths of 10,000 lives in nursing homes.

“The Senate has failed to convene committee oversight hearings and failed to issue subpoenas to find out why the Covid virus was forced into nursing homes, why testing was denied, and why 10,000 frail and elderly residents lost their lives,” Pennacchio said.

“As legislators are locked out and prevented from doing the people’s business, I chose to point out the insanity of the administration’s Covid policy which was so disastrous to so many, especially our frail and elderly. I wish they had dedicated as much attention and public health science to our most vulnerable residents as the Democrat legislators are to creating arbitrary rules based on pseudoscience for our legislators,” concluded Pennacchio.