Chris Christie: I didn’t give Trump COVID-19, he gave it to me and nearly killed me

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MORRISTOWN, NJ – – The world may never know whether former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie infected President Donald Trump with COVID-19 or if it was the former president who spread the disease around the White House, but both sides have dug in, blaming the other.

In July, we reported the former President blamed Christie for his election season outbreak.

Christie infected the former President of the United States with COVID-19. That’s what a book written by journalist Michael Wolff claimed then. In the book, Wolff claims Trump complained about “spittle” coming from the overweight former governor’s mouth and even said he “tried to duck from the droplets”.

Trump met with Christie in advance of his September 29th debate and on October 2nd, told the American public he had contracted COVID-19.

Christie also tested positive for the virus and spent a week in ICU battling the disease. Christie’s weight may have played a role in the severity of his illness while the President exhibited minor cold and flu symptoms only.

Now, it’s Christie who is blaming Trump for infecting him with the virus. Christie said during his meetings with Trump, he roleplayed Joe Biden and sat across from the President. Now after a book written by Mark Meadows claims Trump knew he was COVID-19 positive before meeting with Christie. Christie is using that book to vindicate himself from Trump’s account of dodging Christie’s droplets of COVID-19 infected spittle.

“If Mark Meadows knew somebody I was sitting across from for four days had popped a positive test, he as the White House Chief of Staff should have looked at me and told me that,” Christie said, saying Trump is still his friend. “Mark Meadows saved this for his book. He didn’t tell us. I went into the hospital in the intensive care unit. He didn’t call and tell me.”

Christie said he had always suspected he contracted COVID-19 from Trump. Christie said he could have died from the infection.

“I think it’s undeniable.”

Trump denied the claim made in Meadows’ book. Neither Trump nor Christie wore face masks during their debate roleplaying sessions. All but one person in attendance at those meetings contracted COVID-19 according to reports.

“The story of me having COVID prior to, or during, the first debate is Fake News. In fact, a test revealed that I did not have COVID prior to the debate,” Trump said.