NJ Bail Reform Fail: Clifton serial car thief robs again, then released right away

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CLIFTON, NJ – The failures of New Jersey’s bail reform act, pushed by former Governor Chris Christie and maintained by Governor Phil Murphy are on display once again. This time, in Clifton where a serial car thief playing a real-life game of Grand Theft Auto is back on the streets again.

Jeffrey Luzon, 19, has a habit of driving cars that aren’t his. Luzon stole multiple vehicles from the Botany Village area of Clifton and was charged after being stopped in a stolen 2018 Honda CRV.

He was arrested and charged by Clifton Police who were forced to release him under New Jersey’s Bail Reform Act. Police noted that over the next few weeks, more cars were stolen and charged Luzon for the multiple counts tied to the theft of three cars.

Once again, Clifton Police were forced to release Luzon, despite additional pending charges and his risk to his community.

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