Republicans mock Biden’s frequent use of the imaginary word “Expodentially”

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U.S. President Biden delivers remarks on the November jobs report at the White House in Washington

When Donald Trump was President of the United States, everything was ‘huge’. There was nothing bigger or better than anything the former president promoted, in fact, they were things we’ve never seen before and they were the best. In some cases, they were even “huuuge”.

But, things aren’t huge under Joe Biden, unless you’re talking about skyrocketing inflation, the southern border crisis, a new cold war with Russia, high fuel prices, and a supply chain problem.

Under Biden, everything is ‘expodentially’ bigger and better. Today, the Republican party mocked Biden for his repeated use of the imaginary word “exponentially”.

“We know if we can put these wires underground, we increase exponentially,” Biden once said of underground communications and power lines.

Biden, it appears is trying to say “exponentially”, a real word, but somewhere along the line in his 79 years on earth has, as they would say on American Idol, “made it his own”, thus “exponentially”.

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