Even Santa hates Joe Biden as St. Nick fires unvaccinated elves, experiences manufacturing backlog

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Santa Claus has had enough with Donald Trump. Jolly old Saint Nick isn’t himself this year. He has had to lay off half of his elves who refused to vaccinate and the Biden Supply Chain crisis is holding up production as workers wait for parts and accessories in their toymaking process.

“The parts are in container ships stuck out at sea,” Santa said. “I tried the big box stores, but it was just empty shelves.”

Santa said the one bright side this holiday season is that his reindeer don’t run on gas, which has helped him keep his delivery costs down this season.

While all of this sounds like it could be real, it’s just the subject of the latest anti-Joe Biden song to smash the iTunes charts.

Syndicated radio and TV host Mark Kaye’s self-produced Christmas song entitled “Even Santa Hates Biden” broke into the iTunes Top Ten charts for worldwide downloads.

Mark Kaye announced during his radio show on Friday that the song was now available on iTunes to download. By the end of his program the song had already reached number 11 and early Saturday morning took over the number ten spot.

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Kaye also announced to his on-air audience that he plans to donate all of the proceeds from this song to his charity ‘Kaye’s Kids’ which provides dream gifts to children battling life-threatening illnesses.

The song, which was written, performed, and produced by Kaye is a comical rap song featuring Santa Claus griping about the state of the country under President Joe Biden.

“We couldn’t make all the toys we need because the parts are in a container ship stuck out at sea,” complains Santa in one verse. “I tried the Big Box stores but there were just empty shelves. Oh! And I had to lay off a bunch of my elves.”

“Even Santa Hates Biden” is available for download on iTunes and Apple Music. It is also available on Spotify and Amazon Music.