Give the gift of self defense this Christmas as crime sweeps through Democrat run American cities

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Are you trying to find that special someone the right gift for the holidays? Here’s an idea. Give them the gift of safety and peace of mind as crime runs rampant and criminals enter and exit the revolving door of justice in Democrat-run cities nationwide.

One American company, PepperBall say they have the right gifts for you. PepperBall, the world leader in powerful, safe and effective non-lethal self-defense solutions, and Emily Valentine from Style Me Tactical have identified the top personal safety trends in 2021.

Personal self-defense tools, particularly for women, have been a steadily growing category over the past year. Women are looking to grow confidence in their ability to analyze dangerous situations and take action to effectively overcome them. This has led to a market that is rapidly expanding with new options and tools for personal safety.

“From one perspective, it’s been the increases in uncertainty and unrest in recent U.S. events that have sparked this market growth,” said Katherine Riley, Director of Marketing for PepperBall and United Tactical Systems. “But we’re also seeing more and more women looking for ways to keep themselves and their families safe without the danger and liability of gun ownership.”

The best self-defense options are the ones that might help deter an attacker or prevent a violent crime, but personal preparation is still paramount. As observed through recent sales and demand for the product as well as spikes in internet search results, the most effective self-defense product trends share a few key traits.

  • The product must be easy to carry while serving multiple functions. Many personal safety products are inconspicuous in nature, with keychains, flashlights, and other discreet wearables able to be used as self-defense tools.
  • It must be easy to use. From lightness in weight to portability, ease of use makes a big difference when it comes to securing peace of mind for personal safety.
  • It must be an effective alternative to lethal force. Top product choices are deterrents to would-be attackers, devices that attract attention, and self-defense options that will not take a life when called to action.

“Safety is an emotional state and there are several ways to take action to keep safe. It’s about finding what fits and works for your lifestyle – even if that means concealing your device of choice,” says Emily Valentine, owner, and concealed carry expert at Style Me Tactical, a lifestyle resource and online authority. “The need for self-defense and the peace of mind for owning self-protection is nothing new, but I’m happy to see more and more women finding new means of making themselves prepared and protected.”

PepperBall recently introduced its Ready to Defend Kit, which features its popular PepperBall TCP launcher, live projectiles, practice projectiles, CO2 cartridges, and a spare magazine. The PepperBall MOBILE self-defense device and LifeLite™ self-defense solutions both feature flashlight functionality, and can be taken nearly anywhere, anytime. Style Me Tactical included PepperBall products in their 2021 Holiday Gift Guide, a top resource for women and others seeking personal safety solutions.