47% of COVID-19 hospitalizations in NJ’s latest wave are fully vaccinated, Murphy says

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Photo 130379140 © Louis Mormile | Dreamstime.com Phil Murphy

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey’s COVID-19 pandemic has returned and it’s no longer a pandemic of the vaccinated. According to Governor Phil Murphy, it’s now a pandemic of the fully vaccinated. On Thursday, Murphy finally admitted what Shore News Network has been reporting for weeks, there is an alarming number of fully vaccinated patients in New Jersey’s hospitals.

Shore News Network coverage of COVID-19 breakthrough cases:

Murphy revealed on Thursday that 47% of all new hospitalizations were fully vaccinated.

“As the recent daily case counts can attest,” Murphy said. “I think it’s 47% over the past 10 days or two weeks of new admissions here, fully vaccinated, but not yet boosted.”

Since September, Murphy has released the number of ‘breakthrough’ cases, those of the fully vaccinated. That rate has been on a sharp increase since September and for the past two weeks, Murphy has omitted that data from his weekly COVID-19 press briefings.

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When asked why the Murphy administration and the New Jersey Department of Health refused to give Shore News Network an answer. Each week, the administration released the number of breakthrough cases, touting them as ‘low’ in order to encourage New Jersey residents to get vaccinated. Now, after the rate of hospitalizations among the full vaccinated, Murphy is using the data to push the COVID-19 booster shot.

It is expected that the CDC will soon redefine the medical status of “fully vaccinated” to include booster shots as Murphy and his administration plan their reaction to the fourth wave of COVID-19, which is now at rates not seen since the second wave last winter.

Dr. Anthony Fauci had noted that he believed the definition of “fully vaccinated” will include booster shots in the near future, giving Murphy a broader toolkit to enact vaccination segregation such as the policy in New York that bars the unvaccinated from eating out, attending events and health and fitness centers.

Phil Murphy and the CDC have come a long way. Nine months ago, both Murphy and the CDC urged vaccinations, claiming fully vaccinated people do not get COVID-19 and cannot transmit the disease.

Now, the quickly waning effectiveness of the vaccines has made the entire vaccinated population once again vulnerable, a full reset of the COVID-19 vaccination effort could soon sweep America as the Pfizer vaccine has been reported as less effective at stopping the new omicron variant. Now, Pfizer is not only recommending a booster shot but is already planning a second booster for early 2022.