Conspiracy Theorists Worried About 5G Are Wearing Necklaces That Could Damage DNA, Nuclear Experts Warn

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Nuclear safety officials issued a warning Thursday that necklaces worn by conspiracy theorists worried about the effects of 5G are emitting harmful radiation.

Officials at the Netherlands Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection issued a public safety notice warning that “quantum pendant” necklaces are radioactive and could damage DNA, citing research by the Netherlands’ National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.

“The level of radiation measured is low and risk of health problems is low too,” the authority wrote. “However, it cannot be completely ruled out that wearing these products continuously for an extended period may prove harmful to your health in the long term.”

A “quantum pendant,” or negative ion jewelry, may be worn by individuals concerned about the effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation emitted by 5G towers on their health, according to The Guardian. While electromagnetic radiation in large doses is hazardous and potentially lethal, “no adverse health effect has been causally linked with exposure to wireless technologies,” according to the World Health Organization.

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The Dutch nuclear safety authority warned that many products designed to counteract the effects of 5G contain ionizing radiation that can damage bodily tissue and even DNA.

“Due to the potential health risk they pose, these consumer products containing radioactive materials are therefore prohibited by law,” the authority wrote. “Ionizing radiation can damage tissue and DNA and can cause for example a red skin. Only low levels of radiation have been measured on these specific products.”

However, the authority warned that continued wearing of the product could lead to long-term tissue and DNA damage.

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